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Default Re: Jamal Crawford or Jr Smith??

Originally Posted by dak121
It's frightening to see someone that is unanimously voted as an even worst player than Crawford. And there's really no disputing it either.

JR Smith is one of the worst basketball players in the entire NBA. I'll leave it at that.

That's supposed to be a dumb little joke right?

First off Crawfords a really good player. 2nd of all JR is only 21 years old, and again is probably a better scorer than Crawford is now.

JR could've and most likely would've finished the season with 20ppg or extremely close to it 18+ had it not been for him moving down due to the AI trade. Yet in about 23 minutes he still finished with 13ppg and a pretty good percentage. He's could be a 22 and 5 player. And he's not a bad passer or ball handler, in fact, pretty damned good at both.

He was just the odd man out last year and had some hiccups (suspension, surgery, Karl). But he's good enough to sneak into an allstar game one day.

His only real problem is that he's not a serious professional, yet unlike some guys that fit that description, he still puts the production up on the court. He's just never gonna be a franchise guy, luckily the Nugz have Melo and for that matter AI.
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