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Default Re: Name the top candidates for the key awards next season

MVP : Kobe, LeBron, Nash, Yao, Duncan

ROY : Durant, Horford, Conley, Durant, Brooks

MIP : Kevin Martin, Gay, Aldridge, Al Jefferson, Milsap

DPOY : Camby, Josh Smith, Duncan, Gerald Wallace

6th Man : Barbosa, David Lee, Head, Nachbar, Nocioni

Scoring Title : Kobe, LeBron, Melo, Arenas.....duhhhh

Coach of the Year : Jerry Sloan (more deserving than any other), Doc Rivers (if Celtics win the East, hes a lock), Popovich & D'Antoni teams with 50+ wins... nuff said.

The ones italicsized and underlined are my predictions to win.

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