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Default Re: Jamal Crawford or Jr Smith??

Originally Posted by StroShow4
dude wtf are you talking about.. why would they give it to marbury, because he can "penetrate at will"? you just described crawford. his ball handling skills arent all that? are you serious? have you ever seen him play? he has so many moves its crazy.

Sorry man, Crawford = overpaid garbage. Honestly I'd probably prefer JR on the Knicks b/c he wouldn't hog up as many shots (Crawford is a career 40% FG shooter which in my mind is horrible). In my opinion, if the Knicks are playing basketball, and they're down one or tied, I'd rather see an unbelievably nasty penetrating point guard go to the hoop and at worst draw the foul, than see a non-clutch (no matter how many knuckleheads want to say he is clutch) 40% career FG shooter take a fadeaway 3. I've watched almost every Knicks game for the past few years and I haven't seen "so many moves it's crazy" come from Jamal Crawford. His cross is nice. It's one move and he usually fades and misses. It works when he goes to the rim and puts up that floater. I'd much rather see him attempt that when the game is on the line. His defense is definitely a redeemable quality (comes up with big steals now and again).
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