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Default Re: is iverson a top 10 player?

Originally Posted by Joey3000
So let me ask you this. If Boozer is more capable of getting me clutch rebounds, while puting up numbers just as good as yaos... Why is Yao definetly a top 10 player while boozer is questionable?
Because you're an idiot who bases his game play in his first ever playoff series. If Yao operated well in the playoffs and done what Booz was doing, I guarantee you, you would be praising him right now.

It's 1 series, they had the advantage, simple as it gets. Stop overrating players from what you've seen from their last games or so.

Thats the part I dont get? Yet you want me to just accept it. Boozer gets the Job done, yao cant... so whos better? Its basic mathematics. Stop going by hype, start watching the game.
So all this crediting a top 10 player revolves around the playoffs? -- The playoffs just a couple months ago? Have a cup of tea, Joe.
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