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Default Re: is iverson a top 10 player?

Because you're an idiot who bases his game play in his first ever playoff series. If Yao operated well in the playoffs and done what Booz was doing, I guarantee you, you would be praising him right now.

Yes I would be giving him his props now. however he didnt.

It's 1 series, they had the advantage, simple as it gets. Stop overrating players from what you've seen from their last games or so.

Not overrating anybody, I just think Yao is given more slack then a player like... lets say Dirk. Had boozer abused dirk like that people would be calling him soft. But since its Yao, people make excuses like "he is slow".

So all this crediting a top 10 player revolves around the playoffs? -- The playoffs just a couple months ago? Have a cup of tea, Joe.

Yep, my top 10 revolves around the playoffs, thats where it counts.
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