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Default Re: Why does everybody think the Lakers will miss the playoffs?

I tire of this. Their games speak for themselves. Shaq has nothing to prove. Yao does.

The point is, Shaq leaving the franchise was a huge blow for the Lakers. Whether Kobe wanted him gone or not is up for debate. What's even worse though, is that Kupcake got some decent players in return for Shaq in Odom and Butler. He then proceeds to trade Butler for KWAME BROWN.

If the Lakers tank, it's not Kobe's's Kupcake's fault. This is very much like how McFail wasted KG in Minny.

Originally Posted by steve franchise
I already know Heat won because of WADE. Yes, change the subject. Go get something else to cover up the truth that Yao is better than Shaq, that's not going to change the reality. Like i said, get someone or something else to try to cover up the reality that Yao is better than Shaq.
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