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Default Re: Post your favorite player's best statline in a game

Originally Posted by dejordan
i think barkey's best games came in the playoffs and aren't available on basketball-reference (he had a monster game against seattle in 93 and 54pts against golden state in 94). best i could find was:

46pts 16brds (11 offensive) 3assts 4stls 2blks

41pts 22brds (9 offensive) 5 assts 6stls 1blk

he also has quite a few triple doubles to his name the best of which looks like:

34pts (75% shooting) 10 rbds 14assts 2stls 4blks

he's had a slew (20 not including playoffs before 96 or anything before 87) of 30pt 20rb games.

37pts 21 rbds (12 offensive) 8assts 1stl 1blk

31pts 21rbds (9 offensive) 9asssts 1stl 7blks

i'm a little surprised there aren't more 50 pt games.

Yeah, he put up 44pts 24reb on a Game 7 against Seattle.

I think that's what his numbers were, I am pretty sure
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