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Here's another option....

Toronto needs to win and win now.

They have been a losing team for a majority of their existence.
They need to do something major now.

Not that it would necessarily be in their best interests... but I would like them to, and make themselves significant

I realize they do have a nice core of talent..BUT so does every crappy rebuilding team supposedly (Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, etc...)
Plus...the chances are not all players pan out and can be re-signed.

Also.... Bosh is entering his early prime. He will be a stud for them if they can lock him up long-term. He is already one of the best PF's in the East. This team could be ready to win now with him and some other talented pieces.

Between the #1 pick and another talented ROY-UP in Villy they could get some major talent......


#1, Villy, Ukic, A.Williams, E.Williams


AI, Hunter , #13

Would be about fair and make the Raptors significant again

AI and Bosh

AI has probably never played with a better player in his entire career in Philly, and is just coming off arguably his best season ever.
Hunter could be a decent piece at center for them.

Draft Talent and depth. Adding a back-up to AI at either the 1 or the 2 would help their backcourt

Resign James. There aren't many other FA PG's and they probably won't get a better one. He may not be a bad value if someone offers him a reasonable offer for TO to mtach. Bosh likes him too.. I think.


James / Caledron
AI / Foye
Peterson / Graham / H.Adams
Bosh / Slokar / Bonner
Hunter / Sow / Aruojo

A definite playoff team and possibly more.

Philly does it since their team isn't good as is. They do have a lot of young pieces to build with. Would still need to trade Webber and Sammy.

L.Williams / Ukic / Ollie
Iggy / W. Green
Villeneuva / Korver
Webber / E.Williams
Aldridge / Dalembert

Another Options is to trade with Milwuakee

Mo. Williams
Future Pick


#1 or Villy+#35

Calderon / Mo.Williams / Ukic
Peterson / F.Jones (FA)
Morrison / Graham / #56
Bosh / Slokar / Bonner
Magloirre / Sow / Arujo
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