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Lightbulb Love is like....

Originally Posted by Perezident
take it easy???? u got to be crazy how can we take it easy..... at a time like this...the last time we took it easy was when robert horry hit that clutch shot at the buzzer because vlade passed it to lol..... now do u see what happens when we take it easy....we get embarrasse and get callled queens.... bonzi brings us toughness if he's gone we look like queens again...... when shaq wanted a trade from lakers do u kno the 2 teams he narrowed it down too??? the heats and sacramento...... but he choose the heats because..... he was to affriad of wearing a gurdal because we would get soft again and turn back into the queens........ i'm tellin u we've got to change our frame of mind .... and our apperance so we cant take it easy alot of teams are gettin better.... i hope musselman got some tricks up his sleeve son cuz with that same old roster i bet u we dnt make the playoffs..... it needs tweakin .....
jus minor things like cuttin jason hart
.....AND FINDIN A REAL GM!!!!!!!! PHUCK PETRIE LET US IN ON SOME THINGS Y DNT YA!!!!!..... i'm outty ...dis yo boy repin da BAHAMAS u knoooooooooo KINGS FOR LIFE lol!!! n bring back eddie house and steven hunter also olowakandi lets give him a try lol .........

I love the President. LOL. Minor things need to be Trading Kenny Thomas and doing a sign and trade for Bonzi because he's being a greedy prostitue that will be playing on a different team.

Thanks Perezident for the fun read.
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