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Originally Posted by xxxSuperStar
IMO Kobe's Lakers>>KGs Wolves

C Mihm/Bynum>Blount/Madsen
PF Brown<KG
SF Odom >R.Davis
SG Kobe>Hassell
PG Smush/Farmar<Jaric/McCants
Bench Lakers>T-Wolves
Coach Lakers>>>>>T-Wolves

Lakers win 5-2
i cant even name a laker bench player and your tellin me itll be better then foye, griffin(who sucks but is an alright low post defender)?

and when did mccants move to pg?

and when did james get cut?

Wolves absolutely needed a scoring PG, thats what cassell was. He avg'd 20 and 7 with us and James did 20 and 6 last year. You need that kind of player to play with KG since both can shoot, and if you play a high pick and roll game with them and with the slasher/athletic scorer that you get from Davis, i think we'll be good enough for the playoffs.

Plus James is a 3 pt. threat which we lost when Szczerbiak left
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