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I'll agree, it would be sad to see the Sonics depart Seattle, but if another city is willing to spend and invest the money to improve the team's well being (new arena / workout facilities / etc), I see it as an improvement for the franchise. They will probably lose their label as SuperSonics, but in the midst of the name change, perhaps it's a small price to pay considering another city would be welcoming them with open arms.

If owners expect better revenue in a different city other than Seattle, they should pursue that market. Yes, many diehard loyal fans will be left without their beloved Sonics, but for every fan lost, it will probably double in terms of new fans in a different market. Right now, with the way Rick Sund is running that club, they need a change of scenery, and pronto. They'll probably end up in OK City, but I'd love to see them relocate to Cincinnati. Afterall, the Cincinnati SuperSonics doesn't sound that bad (if owners wanted to keep the same name).
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