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Default Re: Team USA resumes training on August 15---big news

Originally Posted by Admiral
not that i watch USA ball religiously, but that would just be embarrassing. sure, we're a far cry from the dream team days, but we still have some pretty damned talented people...

Yeah, I watch guys like Kobe, and T-Mac, and Duncan, Kidd, etc. and I can't help but wonder to myself WTF happened to NBA basketball? Personally I think all the rule changes have made the league soft.

Obviously the original Dream Team had some phenomenal players, but still, a team full of NBA stars should be able to crush any countries best offering. Yet we're consistently getting beaten.

I've said this before... In the days of Dream Team 1 and 2, America dominated other teams physically. Now it's just the opposite. When our USA Basketball squads play over there, we are constantly hearing the announcers talk about how much more physical FIBA basketball is than the NBA.

I think we've bred weakness into our players, so to speak, with all these rule changes designed to protect the offensive player.

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