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Originally Posted by johndeeregreen
It isn't a case of him not shooting very often. It's a case of him having the worst jumper out of any guard in the NBA. It's a case of him shooting sub-30% not just on jumpers, but any shot taken outside of five feet last year. Other parts of his game are really nice, but his jumpshot is f*cking woeful. So basically, no, you don't remember correctly.


I am a bit worried about Celt fans bandwagoning this guy (too early) and then crucifying him midseason just because he is playing at his level. TONS of PG's are athletic, its a requirement for the job, so that does not save him. Certain skills are just paramount to the position, while others are secondary like outside shooting, inside shooter, slashing, etc,. Obviously his (bottom of the league) jumper hurts the team on the O, but also allows the D to ignore him and better double team others. Boston is not in good shape if the current version of Rondo is playing 30+ min a night.

Focusing on the 7th or 8th seed is the best thing the Celts could do. Don't over expext and don't blow out the engines before eveb getting to the playoffs.
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