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Originally Posted by 420puffer
GP was real damn good during his prime with his crazy defense and scoring ability. He is good at attacking the basket. But Kidd is another level. Kidd is the best passer in the game and rebounds extremely well. Kidd has good defense also. Kidd leads the league in triple doubles. Kidd doesnt need to have a high FG% because he is a true definition of a point guard.
Just like "Kidd is good at defense"

Payton is good at passing, and is an above average rebounder as well...

And really, a "True PG" needs to be able to pass well and take "good" shots at not "hurt" the team by missing more than one should...

Magic, and Stockton, are "True PGs"...They pass well, and don't hurt their teams...

While Kidd, hurts his team with his low FG%s...
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