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Default Re: Why Do Only Kobe Fans Use the "Duncan's Team" Argument?

Originally Posted by GoldNugg21
You know what's really annoying here? How you took something I said and acted like I was proclaiming Kobe the god of all second fiddles, and acting like no one else ever came close.

I stated that no second fiddle has ever been relied upon in the clutch to the same degree as Kobe, which isn't really debatable. And I stated that he has an argument for being the greatest second fiddle of all time, and comparing him to the likes of McHale and Worthy in that regard was stupid.

What you said was:

"Because Kobe is arguably the most important second option to a championship team ever. Sure, Shaq was the best player, but Kobe filled the role of Jordan when the game was on the line. No other second fiddle has ever done that, so to say that Kobe is equal to McHale and Worthy in terms of importance to those teams is a major slight", just so I understand your eloquent point, when you say "Because Kobe is arguably the most important second option to a championship team ever." you really mean he had mroe clutch shots than Worthy or McHale. Worthy was the 3rd option.

But you know there was basketball before 1980, Cousy was a 2nd fiddle, West was a second fiddle..and releid on for all the clutch shots. Magic was the 2nd fiddle and he took- or set up - the clutch shots.

There are alot of "2nd fiddles" who made big shots.


I know he was the MJ - excpet that MJ was the leading scorer and the MVP - Kobe was the 2nd fiddle. Was he the MJ of 2nd fiddles? That I don't know, its a complex question, because I think West probably is, followed by Magic, and probably any 2nd fiddle that ever won a finals-MVP. Then Kobe.
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