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Default Re: Why Do Only Kobe Fans Use the "Duncan's Team" Argument?

Originally Posted by John Starks
OK -lets pretend I'm 7. Let me see if I understand...

That Kobe, unlike any other "second fiddle" in history was responsible in the 4th quater, and thus, was the most important. Is that right? Or am I still being dense.

Because I just don't know how he was more important than J.West or one of Kareem/Magic, or Cousy. Seems like those guys had equal if not greater 4th quarter roles, but are being undervalued becuase you didn't see them.

...and you keep harping on McHale and Worthy and i say, there are other 2nd Fiddles in history besides McHale and Worthy.
You might as well be 7, because you're still trying to argue something that both has nothing to do with the point that I made, and I never argued. Try and find where I said Kobe was better than Kareem/Magic, West, or Cousy.

Here's what you did. You took something I said out of context, completely assumed that I meant something I explicitly didn't say, and are now trying to call me out for it (despite the fact that I never said it).

Imagine we were talking about how the Bulls had an amazing supporting cast and Jordan shouldn't get as many props for his titles as he does. Someone states that Rodman was arguably the best rebounder of all time. The next person comes into the thread, sees that statement, and than goes on to blast the said poster, talks about Chamberlain and Russell, and claims that "you're just assuming Rodman is better because all he ever did was rebound and you never saw Russell or Chamberlain play".

That's basically what you just did. You are arguing a point with someone who doesn't exist, because everything you say contends a point that no one in this thread ever made. Please, start your own topic if that's what you want to discuss. But don't put words in my mouth, and don't even try to act like I'm "uninformed" because of something that you made up in your mind.
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