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Default Re: Why Do Only Kobe Fans Use the "Duncan's Team" Argument?

Originally Posted by EricForman
I dunno why you get so worked up and start a new thread over this. All you have to do is list Kobe's teammates from 1998 to 2004. Ask them if they think Manu Ginobili+Tony Parker+Brent Barry+Mike Finley+Robert Horry is better than Shaq+Eddie Jones+Nick Van Exel+Elden Campbell+Robert Horry.... or ask them if aging David Robinson+rookie Tony Parker+young Manu in 2003 is a better cast than prime Shaq+Glen Rice+Fisher+Fox+Horry+Ron Harper

They will ignore it EVERYTIME. Once they ignore it, you win.

That's all you need to do. There is no reason to get worked up over something this silly. There is no way, no how they can spin it to make it look like Duncan has more talent/help around him ever than Kobe did from 1998 to 2004, especially between 2000 to 2004(Kobe 3 rings/Duncan 1 ring).

I love Kobe as a player and this is the weakest most ignorant attempt at opposition to him that I have ever read. Campbell, Jones and Van Exel were gone before Kobe became a starter in 99 (Lockout Year). The Spurs lived with one another that year while the Lakers lost Del Harris, a disgruntled Rodman, Elden, Eddie, Nick, The Forum and added Glen Rice along the way. The Spurs swept the Lakers in the Conference Semis. He won one with Glen Rice the following year as they beat the Spurs 4-1 in the Semis (See quotes below). Two rings with Harper. He won three with Horry, Fox, Fisher and Shaq. What was your point again? Remember 2002? The Spurs couldn't handle Kobe.

Tim Duncan (SAS): "I thought we really had a chance at this series, the Lakers proved to be more than we could handle."

David Robinson (SAS): "At the end (of the game) they have Kobe Bryant, that's kind of a nice luxury."

One glaring hole in your credibility is listing Barry and Finley when neither one of them was a pivotal part of the Spurs championships. If you'd said Sean Elliot, Mario Elie, Avery Johnson, Glen Robinson or even Stephen "Hay Maker" Jackson I'd give you some credit.

Duncan is one of the greatest power forwards to ever play the game. He's clearly top 2. His greatness has no weight in weather Kobe is an awesome player and the best individual in the game today. No need to diss TD. He's a legend, Kobe's a phenomena.
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