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Originally Posted by Y2Gezee
3rd, what excuse do you have for calling him a cancer. He's taken sh*t from his teammates and not said anything. Taken sh*t from his coach and listened.

This was quite the b*tch move of Anthony's that I think soured a lot of people on him:


Celebrated 19-year-old rookie Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets has fallen into a pattern of childish behaviour, apology, childish behaviour, apology, childish behaviour, apology. His most recent plea for forgiveness came after he refused to re-enter a game in Detroit last Friday with about six minutes to go. Anthony apparently was sulking after his teammates chastised him for taking bad shots.

"I apologized for quitting," Anthony said. "That's not me."

Nuggets general manager Kiki Vandeweghe, whose club has lost its firm grip on the eighth playoff spot in the West, was sympathetic toward his young star. "It's part of the growing process," Vandeweghe said. "Just about every great player goes through it every once in a while."

Oh really? Just one question, Kiki: Can you imagine Larry Bird or Michael Jordan or Isiah Thomas ever refusing to re-enter a game, regardless of how young they were?
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