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Default Re: Shooting Guard Situation.

Originally Posted by luigi>mario
I bet that would be a first. To have a European team buy out a NBA contract. Ussually we are the ones taking the contracts, we just stole fez,

Yeah, I bet it would be a first.

-The Jazz bought Fez from the Ukrainian team, so his former team received compensation, they could have rejected the offer and chosen to keep him forever.

-If the Jazz let Giricek out of his contract, that money would still count against their cap, and since he is healthy, serviceable, and they need help at the position he plays at, it would make no sense to let him go. Basically, if they didn't want him, they would just let him go whether some team from Europe wanted him or not. I see a European team as having zero impact as to what the Jazz would decide to do, unless he was a free-agent and the Jazz were outbid, like when Dominique became a free-agent and got offered $8 to go play in Europe, which was a ton of money for a player way out of his prime, at that time.
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