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Default Re: As Seattle Supersonic fans, what will you do........

Originally Posted by Myth
If the Sonics move, who will you support? Will you still cheer for the Sonics even if they go to another city? Will you become Blazer fans due to them being the closest thing to a home team (much like Oregonians supporting the Mariners)? Will you just root for your all time 2nd favorite team, whoever that might be? Or stop caring about basketball?

What will you do, and what do you think others will do?

good question myth

short answer: i am not sure

if the sonics move and keep the name, i can see myself still cheering for them. if they move and have a totally new name and seattle retains rights to the name "supersonics" in case we get a team back in the future (like the browns in cleveland), then i probably would disavow them, knowing in the back of my mind (especially if they win a championship, that really is OUR team)

cant speak for others

it depends how big an nba/sonic fan one is

i could root for the blazers in place of the sonics; i have always cheered for the knicks and the clippers
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