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Default I'm now 100 % sure that the Miami Dallas series was rigged.

Just think about it..
Dallas up 2:0. They have the series in the back of their pocket.
They're a better team and everyone expects them to win.

But the beauty part one in the world expects Miami to turn it around at that point.

And just think of the money. If you at that point bet on Miami you could've earned yourself a fortune.
Hard to say what the odds were like but I'm sure money was great if you put some money on Miami at that point.

I'm not usually into conspiracy theories and no, this isn't a knock on Wade. I think he showed character and I applaud his heroic performance.
He took it upon himself and led his team to a ring but we all know that refereeing was absolutely out of control and now we know why.

Seriously, if you put like 10k on Miami after they were down 2:0 I think you easily could've won like 200k or something.
Sorry, I'm not into betting so I'm not sure about the odds and all that stuff.
I only bet a few times in my life, one time I put $5 on something and made like $1000 but that was it.
I'm not into it at all.

However, put the pieces together. The profit from betting on Miami was amazing and I'm sure the refs took advantage of it.

It's hard for me to buy into conspiracy theories but this one sounds just about right.
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