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Default Re: I'm now 100 % sure that the Miami Dallas series was rigged.

Just a few notes, from a FAIR POV because obviously everyone else just jumps on the "it's fun to rag on someone" bandwagon....

1: Dirk didn't choke. I'm not gonna pull a Loki and post exact numbers down to the decimal points, but it wasn't like he stunked it up. Did Dirk not exchange buckets with Wade down the stretch in game 5? Didn't Dirk hit that J over Shaq with like 13 seconds to go to give the Mavs the lead in, I forgot, either game 5 or 6?

2: What everyone overlooks or ignores is the fact that Miami was A STACKED TEAM. Their backup center would average 4.5 blocks a game if he got starter minutes and have 7 to 8 guys who would definitely start on at least 70% of the other teams in the league. Just because Miami UNDERACHIEVED in the regular season, people forgot that before the season... they were the favorites to win the East and that if you look at the roster on paper, Heat definitely has a talent/skill/star advantage over the Mavs.

And for the record, I'm not a Dirk fan. I'm one of the very first guy to always put the clown Mavs fans back in their place when they make BS claim like "Dirk is on Duncan's level". But I have no idea how Dirk suddenly gets this reputation as a choker even thuogh he's had more playoffs success and hit more big shots in the playoffs than McGrady, Vince, Melo combined. And guys like Paul Pierce, KG, Iverson and Ray Allen, would kill to be able to play 10-12 playoff games every year because those cats are used to seeing maybe 5 games max in the post season every freaking year.

Dirk choked against Golden State, but he's been getting bshed for choking dating back to the 06 finals... why? Wade played at a superhuman level AND he was getting ticky tack calls.... not to mention Wade has more HELP AROUND him than Dirk has... so you guys can't use some common sense, and look at those factors, and not make such a huge deal about Dirk losing to Wade?

Could Dirk have done better? Yes. But how the hell did he "choke"?

Dirk's been on several 60 win teams and gone as far as WCF twice, and in other years he's murdered the KG Wolves, the Blazers, beat Spurs in game 7 on their home court, etc, etc, but yet Dirk is a CHOKER. And then I have to sit here and watch the Iverson, Kobe,Pierce and Tmac fans make excuses for their star every year becaus their asses lead their teams to like, 43 wins and a second round exit at best year after year...."THEY HAVE NO HELP! THEY PLAY WITH CBA PLAYERS! Give them Duncan's roster and they go all the way!!"

(and no, those guys wouldn't win it all even with Duncan's roster. Duncan should slap all y'all for constantly underrating him and taking away his achievements and act like he has a 86 Celtics or 87 Lakers supporting cast around him)

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