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Default Re: I'm now 100 % sure that the Miami Dallas series was rigged.

The Foreman is absolutely correct. Let's enumerate the major points:

1. The Mavs were robbed in the 2006 finals, and it was so obvious it was embarrasing. However, the Mavs undoubtedly benefited from questionable officiating against the Spurs in the semis (see free throw totals, dubious fouls on Duncan at critical junctures, etc).

-In the 2006 Finals, Dirk didn't choke, the Mavs did. In 2007 against Golden State, the both Dirk AND the Mavs choked. It seems they were all collectively embarrased about GSW fighting to win, and played as they needed to beat GS by 30ppg to earn respect. This obviously didn't happen, and their confidence plummeted (for the Spurs this is called a "grind it out" game, and they're great at it: Dallas can play SAS this way, but were embarrased to play GS this way!) They had become prisoners to their regular season success: anything less than domination and perfection and they would fall apart (which they did).

-Dirk lost in the first round (granted he did choke against GS). Shaq is the most swept player in NBA playoff history. D-Whistle, last year's Finals MVP, was swept as well. Why do they get a pass, and in the weaker East as well? Injuries or no, stepping on the court means stepping into expectations. Hold them all accountable: don't give Shaq, Wade, Mello, etc. free passes, and string Dirk up for his failures (who has more success than all but 2-3 leading men in the league, Duncan and Shaq, maybe Billups.)

-Dirk is NOT on Duncan's level. If he wins the next 3 titles and finals and finals mvps, he still won't be. And that is huge "IF."
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