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Default Re: biggest fans for each player!

Originally Posted by ekosky
name some more if you got some.. here are mine. if i missed any then tell me, or if i got something wrong.

Hotsizzle: Kobe Bryant
Loki: Michael Jordan
Glove_20: Gary Payton
GMAT: Kevin Johnson
The Answer/Richie2k6: Allen Iverson
StroShow: Stromile Swift
Optimus Prime: Latrell Sprewell?
D-Fence: Bill Russell
Geewiz: Gilbert Arenas
kentatm: Dirk Nowitzki
statman32: Amare Stoudemire
wally_world: Wally Sczerbiak
Darsh: Carmelo Anthony
VCDrives: Vince Carter?
fudge: Tracy McGrady
L.Kizzle: Clyde Drexler
fatboy11: Yao Ming
BradMiller52: Brad Miller
Targus: Mike Bibby
Kebab Stall: Pau Gasol
otmtheshank: Kirk Hinrich

Any for the following players?
- Tim Duncan
- Shaquille O'Neal
- Dwyane Wade
- Steve Nash
- Dirk Nowitzki
- Tracy Mcgrady
- Yao Ming
- Paul Pierce
- Vince Carter
- Carmelo Anthony

I'm a fan of Steve Nash. Even though I'm huge Blazer fan.
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