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Default Re: RJ donates 3.5 million to Arizona

Originally Posted by wang4three
Wow lets really criticize a gesture of good will. Who are we to tell him what he should do with his money?
That's why I started with this...
It's a great gesture and all

I'm not saying it's a bad thing that he donated money. Obviously that's great, he wanted to help out his former school. And if it was a former elementary school or junior high that wasn't doing so well, I think it would be even better (although obviously the full 3.5M would be a little excessive in that situation). It just seems like there are a ton of places that could've used the money on much more pressing needs than two athletics programs at an already thriving university.

And again, I'm not trying to knock RJ for donating money. That's great that he's using the money on others as opposed to himself. And yet it still leaves that sort of sour taste in my mouth.
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