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Default Re: RJ donates 3.5 million to Arizona

Originally Posted by Run&Gun=Fun
I agree with those who feel the money could go to a better cause.

The Uni is going to raise the money for the gym without this donation, it might take them a little longer but if they want to build a new gym its not money thats going to stop them.

Jeffersons got alterior motives anyway...Do you think hed be so generous if the building wasnt to be named after him?

Why would you give 3.5 million dollars to an already financially sound establishment? It doesnt make any sense.

The effects that money could have in Africa is incomprehensible...It could save the lives of up to 500,000 people.

But lets build a gym instead....Your name gets put on the wall, fair enough.

And for the guy who wants to give money to his college...your silly.

a) You'd have to donate a very large amount to make any sort of a difference
b) You've probably already given them more than enough in tuition fees
c) They dont need the money...probably just give the teachers a pay rise, build a better staff room with donations.
Dude needs to take a look at his college's yearly endowments, then he will realize how that no matter how much he is going to give, it's pocket money and will probably go towards electricity for a week or toilet paper.
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