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Default Re: RJ donates 3.5 million to Arizona

I've stated many damn times it's more about the importance of where the money goes. You've yet to argue with that, keep bringing it back about efficiency. I say it's more important for the money to go toward another source and you come back again and tell me about efficiency again.

Why is it more imporant? Because you said so? Once again, who are you to judge such a delegation of money?

Then what the hell are you arguing for? That's pretty much my whole arguement. Read my posts. It's on the fact that there's better places for him to donate. This pretty much sums you up. I'm right, you have nothing more to add except trying to defend the man for your personal reasons. I couldn't give less a damn if it was RJ or you. Anyone who donates a substantial amount of money to a well funded organization is stupid. I've said many many many times. It's his money. He can do whatever he wants, yes. But I'm gonna call on it and say it's stupid.

What? Talk about incoherence.

I'm not basing my criticism on him. I'm basing it on anyone who will donate to a well-funded organization, which you said you will. Quit bringing RJ in this. You've agreed that there is 'better suited venues' for him to donate. Then what other argument do you have? Defend the point I made that anyone donating to such an organization is stupid, because there are much more worthy places in need of donation out there.

And who says he doesn't donate money to them? Who says I don't donate money to them? You?

And about the parents housing thing, wow, how stupid are you guys to bring that up? Do you guys understand the difference between buying and donating? Buying a house for your parents is great. It's your personal gain that your family gets a property. Here he is donating. DONATING.

Donating to the purchase of a new facility. It's going to have his name on it.. So while it belongs to the university, he owns the naming rights. Slight difference, but not too big.

If that was too long, let me sum it up:
You just want to defend the man for whatever reason.
I've based my whole argument on the fact that there is no need for any man to donate to a wealthy organization because it doesn't help,makes no difference,

Don't even know what the facility is used for...yet you think it makes no difference. Public schools are usually underfunded, dumbass.

Point again: There is no need for any man to donate to a wealthy organization because it doesn't help at all, and there are much more places out there that could take the help.
Now I see the problem. You're still hung up that a school is an organization. Hahaha. This is why I didn't understand your microsoft example. You think a corporation like Microsoft is the same as a school? Wow, you're an idiot.
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