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Well, it's looking more and more like Al will be returning here. Apparently, WTHR here in Indy reported that the Pacers and Hawks agreed to and sign and trade that would bring back Harrington. They didn't say who we're sending back, so take this info with a grain of salt.

I don't know if getting Al was the best move, but it's certainly a move that will help us out. He always fit in well. Hopefully he can start at the 4.

I'll assume the Pacers shipped out something like Foster and Tinsley or Jackson for him.

A lineup of:

Granger/Shawne Williams

would be decent, with a lot of potential to improve. I realize that Granger has played as a 4 at times, but I think he's really best off as a 3. The Pacers will need to add another big man of some kind if we really did send out Foster (and if this trade is in fact happening).

Completely unrelated, but has anyone heard any news about Fred Jones?
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