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Default Re: RJ donates 3.5 million to Arizona

Originally Posted by Dodonpa
Any idiot out there will tell you donations to africa means much more than donating to a gym for a university. ANY.

And an idiot would tell you there is no shame in what RJ did and doesn't deserve the criticism you gave him.

I've already stated what kind of uses the gym could be used for. You couldn't back it up that it's any useful at all.

No, you just don't compute.

You think a school isn't an organization?
There's a system in it, people have different jobs, they have incomes, there are fundings, blah blah

Organization as corporation? Yes, there are accounting and funds involved, but you can't compare it to Microsoft. If that were the case then so is the Peace Corp, Greenpeace, or the Red Cross. They're not under the same umbrella. Their services are so much different.

Your school haven't educated you at all. You're a young kid who wants to donate so you can feel a little bit better.
Yes I am young, but if the education I received taught me to be thankful for the people that put me where I am today is wrong, then fine thats the way you see it. I see no problem in giving back to the places, people, things that made me who I am. I guess you don't see the same way.

Read the other guy's post. He summed it up. You're stupid.

And read the other people who quoted you as a pretentious prick.
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