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Default Re: RJ donates 3.5 million to Arizona

Originally Posted by kwajo
I'd say that I wasn't even really being that dry in my sarcasm. I mean I said that the jokes were cliche, and then I get two replies saying the jokes got old. Well what did you think 'cliche' meant in the first place?

I didn't realize that you said cliche. Anyhow, it was pretty dry sarcasm. Since all that we're doing is reading text, you have to emphasize the fact that it got old. You didn't leave any trace, so I overlooked the word.

Once again, nick picking and exacerbating what was a simple misunderstanding and trying to make someone else look foolish with your witty lines.

Could have just said "I was being sarcastic," but no, you are too ego driven to keep it simple.
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