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Default Re: Official #57 NBA Player Of All Time According To ISH

I again vote for Dave DeBusschere.

Here's another example of how defense wins championships. The Knicks were 43-39 and lost in the 1st Round of the playoffs in 1968 before they traded for DeBusschere. After trading for him mid-season in 1969, they finished with a 54-28 record and made it to the Division Finals. They won the franchises' first championship the following season. DeBusschere was the third best player on 2 championship teams. He was more valuable to the Knicks than teammates Jerry Lucas, Earl Monroe and Bill Bradley.

DeBusschere was selected to the All-Defensive 1st Team for 6 consecutive seasons--the only 6 seasons of his career that the honor existed. He was a versitile, contain and shut-down defender who primarily defended forwards, but could also play guards--and even did a good job to contain Wilt Chamberlain when Reed was injured in the 1970 Finals!
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