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Default Re: USA Basketball going nowhere unless it's Kobe's team...

Originally Posted by AI Nuggets3
what kind of strategy is it to bring your best FIBA style player off the bench??

the offense should run through Melo and Kobe. everyone else should (but won't) learn how to be role players.

Lebron should honestly be coming off the bench to provide a big slam here or there when the first unit is resting. thats not hating on Lebron, its just that his lack of mid range shooting is going to hurt the USA when the offense is running through him. Melo and Kobe are the two best fundamental/mid range shooters this team has. If anyone can kill a zone its these two guys. Melo is a 50% shooter. Kobe isnt but when he's ON hes ON.

I agree with pretty much everything you just said. LeBron is only good for fastbreak dunks. Dude brings nothing else to the table. I'd rather use his roster spot on a player who will actually contribute.
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