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Default Re: Yahoo article: Trade Kobe sooner than later

The trade of Kevin Garnett to the Celtics has been the most important transaction of this NBA summer, but, for the most part, it sounds like a one-way deal. The storyline is simple: Garnett going to the Celtics is supposed to resuscitate Boston's once-proud franchise and help balance the yawning divide between the Eastern and Western Conferences.

But what about the franchise Garnett just left? What about the now-downtrodden Timberwolves? General manager Kevin McHale has made a string of bad transactions over the past decade and this sure looks like yet another one.

McHale, though, is not alone when it comes to being low-balled in a deal involving a star player.
This guy's premise is off; Minnie was not low-balled. They got a 22 year-old double-double big man (Al Jefferson), a very talented wing that could become a 20+ ppg scorer (Gerald Green), a solid roleplayer (Ryan Gomes), an 11 million-dollar expirer and two future firsts. Looking at what Orlando got for McGrady, the Raptors got for Carter, and the Lakers got for Shaq, that's a good deal. 5 players total (Ratliff and Telfair are the other two), and two first round picks. Who is getting better than that for their star?
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