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Default NBA TV what a tremendous disappointment.

I cannot believe that I pay extra loot for this garbage station. Originally I thought that this channel would provide extra NBA information. I mean all that I see nowadays is the Dyke League WNBA "Worthless" NBA, what in the hell am I paying for?????? other than the 1900s black and white games, I mean its terrible, what kind of nonsense is this crap??
I just wonder what kind of audience that NBA TV appeals to. At times, I am in denial, thinking that hey, I must be tuning in at a wrong time. But every single fking time??????? I mean this channel is the absolute worst...
I mean I am just truly disappointed. It would be more worthwhile to learn more about international teams that are getting ready for this fall's world games. I mean what in the hell who actually broadcasts that crap??????
It is absolutely the biggest waste of money that I have ever spent. I am considering removing it from the channels, dish network, then again the international games supposedly start soon. I would much rather see reruns of that than WNBA GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!
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