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Default Re: NBA TV what a tremendous disappointment.

Originally Posted by Y2Gezee
Always has sucked. They'd be very very smart in showing more recent games and very often. Sorta like NFL does the game of the week. And it really makes 0 sense for them not to as it wouldn't exactly be hard for them to get the liscensing for the games. Instead during the offseason, the best you get are some old old old games, which is great, but when they're not doing that they should show great games from the past season

dude its alot different when you are talking about old games, and oooooooollllllllllld ass games, with no three point line, and in black and white. I am not some fking die hard NBA fan, what in the hell would I want to pay for this ridiculous as hell crap man.... I dont need to see games that were played before I was fking born man..

I mean 90s on is ok for me, but some of that crap man they got some nerve, and seriously... 80s games with the Pistons are cool too, as well as some of those other teams, but constantly playing these WNBA dykes is truly uncalled for man.. and I am fking paying for this sht??? they are all butt ugly and prison girls are probably hotter.... and they cant play or jump worth sht man..... all of this talk about below the rim play that they do, well yeah there has to be compensation, because they cant jump, but who gives a sht man -- they cant play worth sht below the rim also............
who in the hell is making that ridiculous schedule, mad as hell, after doing 24 hour shifts, and postcall and want to watch NBA, and then this crap constantly....

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