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Default Re: Why Do Only Kobe Fans Use the "Duncan's Team" Argument?

Has anyone on this thread figured out that GoldNugg isn't even a Kobe fan?

You ****** are blind. You know you're wasting your time elaborately arguing with Kobe fans that are predominantly entering puberty.

For the Thread starter, Bird, Magic, Duncan >>> Kobe

Generally, the parameters for comparing two players are based on achievement. In this case, Kobe is destroyed by Duncan.

In the past, it was pure skill. For instance, Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, and even the Big O did not win much but they are consistently placed in the top 10 or for Baylor, around 20.

If you want to compare Kobe and Duncan skill wise, that's an entirely different issue that I refuse to tackle because i'm not equipped to do so.

Maybe Loki or Kblaze can do that for you.
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