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Default Re: NBA Rookie of the Year Rankings

I think Scola needs to be on the list higher right away here is my argument

1. He has only Chuck Hayes to beat for a starting spot
2. If he wins that starting spot he is going to get good minutes to produce
3. He is very NBA ready probably the most NBA ready of any rookie
4. He will be more disciplined in the way he plays cause of experience
5. He has Yao and Tmac as team mates so he should see a lot of open looks
6. I think a lot of players won't respect him enough cause they will think he is just a rookie
7. If Walter Hermann is anything to go by Scola should be an absolute Stud
8. Due to playing Fiba ball he will be very much a team guy and know his role.

Anyways they are my reasons, I don't think he will win rookie of the year but he will be top 10 I think.
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