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Default Re: Deal Involving Kobe Bryant

Originally Posted by RoseCity07
Wow at some of the other trade offers. This isn't NBA live where you trade 3 stars for the best player in the game. Then just pass the ball to Kobe and win every game all season long. There is no way in hell Bulls would trade Gordon, Deng, and Wallace for Kobe. SMH...stop playing video games.
I don't play video games. Here's the breakdown of my deal.

Hinrich goes for contract size and skill. He'd be of value to the Lakers. The only other big contract on Chi.'s roster is Wallace. LA has no use for him because they have some depth at C already. Plus that would leave Chicago with Noah and Grey for your big men. You could argue putting Smith at the 5 and start T-Time at PF, but that's very risky.

Deng goes with because LA needs scoring without Kobe. Maybe they slide him into the 2 spot in a back up role since Hinrich and Lamar can both handle the rock.

Now it was a choice between Gordon and Duhon. With Kobe at the 2G, Gordon is the odd man out due to lack of D. Duhon stays to run the point.

Tyrus gets put in to round out the remaining balance, and the bulls get Turiaf to fill in his spot.

If the deal is made in mid-Dec. You can put Noc. in and take out Deng and Thomas, but I doubt LA would want him talking play time away from Walton.

Any deal you're going to make to get Kobe is going to gut a team. That's why I seriously doubt any deal going down, unless he stays true to his word of sitting out and the Lakers get desperate.
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