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Default Re: Deal Involving Kobe Bryant

I don't think you could find very many willing partners in a trade for Kobe Bryant. First off, unless you have some good big men you aren't winning a championship, which is the point of trading your entire roster for someone... If you're gutting your team you do so for a dominant big man. Also, Kobe has a huge contract and wants to play for a contender and he's what 30ish? On the other hand he'd sell some tickets. The Blazers don't even have a need for Bryant, there building for the future and don't need someone jacking up 30 shots per a game and stunting the development of their talented young players (Roy, Aldridge, Oden, Rodriguez).

Really only destination I could envision would be the Knicks and I don't see that happening. I think the Lakers will make some moves to keep him happy and I see Bynum developing into a very good center. They need to try to move Lamar and Kwame.

Anyways I don't see anything really happening.

PS: I think Kobe is a lot like Allen Iverson, I think he sells seats, puts up gaudy numbers, but sans a big man you're not going anywhere and he won't improve your team dramatically, like AI with the nuggets.

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