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Default Re: Should The NBA Have Instant Replay???

Originally Posted by INDI
I posed this question 2 seasons ago, and I got an across the board no, but times have changed and it seems as if it is impossible for them not to add this in for the upcoming season. After every missed call (especially in the playoffs) refs will get blasted in the media, and after every game a coach or player will indirectly (so they wont get fined) imply that the game might have been tampered. On every blown whistle the world will watch the instant replay to see if the call was legit. Instant replay will solve all of these concerns, here is how I think they should do it.

Each team gets 2 instant replays in the first half and 2 in the second half, if you fail to use them in the first half they are not able to be transferred to the second half. The second instant replay of the first half may only be used within the last two minutes of the half, the first can be used at any particular time. On the second instant replay of the second half the instant replay may be used at any particular time (does not have to be used in the last 2 minutes) but is unique because it can carry a penalty of a loss of a timeout if both instant replays of the second half prove the refs to be correct with the initial call if the team does not have anymore time outs then it is a technical where the opposing team shoots a free throw and is rewarded the ball, but the second instant replay also carries a gift if it is found that the refs did mistake the call and that is that the instant replay will be rewarded back to the team to be able to use again in the second half.

The loss of a timeout is no minor thing but needs to be applied for sake of time and to stop coach's from abusing it because their team is losing. Football has the instant replay and I think it would work wonders for the nba I do not see it as being too time consuming because more than likely both coach's would probably only use 1 per half and even in the most extreme case of the coachs using all 8 the time can be gained back by less tv timeouts and a two minute cut from halftime.

what do you think?

i would be willing to test it during the preseason games

perhaps to challenge a call, a timeout must be taken so that it could be reviewed during that timeout. that way it could minimize disrupting the flow of the game
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