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NEVER forget da SONICS
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Default real care

seattle is a fair weathered sports city

when the mariners/sonics/seahawks are doing well, everyone jumps on the bandwagon

it's not primarily about the stadium per se. only in light of the revenue sharing deals the owners want. they want the taxpayers to pay for the stadium AND they want 100% of the revenue from it. that is not the deal they have now with the city.

the city buckled under for the desire for new stadiums for the m's and hawks, but i am not sure about the revenue sharing for those sports

i am glad that the sity didnt support billionaire's corporate welfare. i would have been more proud if they had said instead that they were going to put the money into the inner city schools and other social services that would improve life in the seattle. as much as i enjoy the nba, there are much more important things in life. i would be sad, but i could accept a sonic move out of seattle

i am saying this as a lifelong sonics fan too!!

reality is: i havent seen the sonics live at the key arena in a few years because i have felt priced out. i am not part of the seattle elite who have connections to the boxes nor do i choose to spend hundreds of dollars on a decent seat there. tv is fine for me

i would still cheer for them if they moved and i would still follow my lifelong teams of the ny knicks and the la clippers and i would still cheer for gp and iverson and cheer against kobe and ginobili

life would go on
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