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Hah, in a way you're kind of right and we're still a decent team that's comin back(hopefully). Just made me realize how much work Geoff does during the draft and free agency.

Bibby=only remaining player from 2002.
Miller=Geoff got in a sign and trade for Scott "OUCHMYBACKANDHAIR" Pollard and Hedo Turkoglu.
Reef=Signed with MLE last year.
Kevin Martin=2004 Draft pick.
Fransisco Garcia=2005 Draft pick.
Quincy Douby=2006 Draft pick. I predict he'll be a rotation player.
Kenny Thomas=Overpaid bum but the only rotation player we got from the CWebb trade.
Bonzi=Traded for Bobby Jackson.
Artest=Traded for Peja.
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