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I think Jay Williams is the best option at PG anyway...

That depends on several things:
1. Jay Williams is actually healthy and ready to go for 82 games. We've taken health risks in the past (see McInnis, Deke, Zo, Rogers) and they usually don't turn up in our favor....however, being the softy I am, I believe Jay Williams to be healthy and ready
2. Jay is not looking for a starting position. Teams like Toronto, Boston, etc are pretty much offering a starting spot for Jay, and if he wants that then I think the Nets have no shot as he will definitely not start for them. He might get big minutes playing next to Kidd a la Jacque Vaughn.

I find the only real problem with the international Bigs are that there not athletic and that they always want to spend a year or 2 over seas playing in Europe and that doesn't let us use them in the NBA.

Basically, I'm a college nut and I love the NCAA..So I know those players and not the internationals. But I do know that for every Dirk, Darko, AK47, Nenad, Diaw, etc there's a Lampe, Skita, Zoran, Vujacic, and plenty more that I've long forgotten. Is Ilic coming in this year? I'd like to see him play. I don't hate the Euros, but they do train for these draft gigs.

Also, I really like Cedric Simmons of NC State. After I saw him dominate Shelden Williams and Duke, nearly beating them, I know he's going to blow up big. Here's the box score:

28/9/2/3/7 against the arguably best defending big in the nation. He's got great height (6-10) with a great wing span (7-4). He's barely getting any mention either, though most draft sites have him going lotto...I'm praying he slips to us. If not, then go with whoever.

I do want to see us draft either Kyle Lowry or Dee Brown... Dee's more polished and has better range and defensive ability, but Lowry has the better offensive instincts as far as driving the ball to the basket. Both have heart and are willing to sacrifice everything they have to win so we can't go wrong with either. I've been flipping back and forth on who I want more, and right now I'd probably say Kyle because his penetration could be the key to sparking us off the bench as a scorer. He's very crafty with his drives in taking contact and finishing. In the NCAA tournament last year, he was wrecking eventual champs UNC by beating Felton on the dribble and drawing fouls on Sean May. May even sent him to the ground hard with a hard foul. I mean you could hear the thump echo. Lowry just gets right back up and after the inbounds drives it again.

But then again, Dee Brown plays with so much emotion, and he can fill our much needed help in long range distance. He played his best ball with Deron Williams (a guy many compared to Jason Kidd) when Deron was point and Dee was a 2 gaurd. It allowed Dee to roam free (and nobody in the league can chase this guy, he's fast) and he got open for threes. Think of Jacque Vaughn with a real jump shot. I once saw him sink five 3s from about two feet in from the half court line. He didn't even go on after that, he just walked away like it was routine. Jumpers. Guy's got range. That game, he scored 16 pts, got 7 asts against then ranked #1 Wake Forrest while holding Chris Paul to 10 points.

We can't go wrong with either, and I certainly would prefer these guys over Jordan Farmar.
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