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Default Re: Official Coupon/Discount Thread

Originally Posted by qwerty
Just got the Lebron 4s for $55 and no tax.
I didn't get ***** because everything I wanted was excluded. I actually posted the above while I was on the phone with the lady, she had me believing she was going to do it then at the last second after I gave her my cc # the total was like 500$ or something and she was like "o yea, all that stuff is excluded so I didn't order anything.

That's a good price on those LeBron 4s. I got mine for 47.99 off, got 2 pair of the black and crimson reds but they fit big so they're on eBay now. I bought a pair of 12.5s I got now though and they're just waiting for my Jordan 21 lows to wear down so they can step in as my hoop shoes.

But I wanted those black toe LeBron Soldiers and Kobe laser H2K4s something serious though. i even went in store to see if they would bypass the exclusions since some stores were, no dice though
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