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Default Draft rumors....

Okay I will set down my predictions...steps up boys and girls.....

1) Toronto deals 1st round draft choice (Lamarcus Aldridge) and Joey Graham to Portland for Portland's 1st rounder, Jarret Jack, and sign and trade Przybilla. Happens after the draft.

2) Toronto deals 1st round draft choice to the Bucks for Jamal M, Mo Williams, and the Bucks 1st round pick. With the Buck first round pick Toronto selects F/C Baglini (spelling?) from Benneton in Italy. Happens during the draft.

3) Toronto selects Lamarcus Aldridge with the first overall pick. Toronto annouces its intent to build the Great Wall of Canada with a starting line up of Bosh, Villy, and LA. Toronto signs Speedy Claxton in the offseason freeagent market. Declines to match an offer to Mike James made by Denver/Portland.
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