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Default Re: The Official Team of the 70's

Originally Posted by Shep
definately a homer on the haywood comment. he was definately third in line for the power forward slot though. moses malone only played 3 years, the minimum for an all-decade team is 4

i considered maravich, and i know robertson's best years were in the 60's. but robertson played in 5 very productive years in the 70's, was the second best player on a championship team, one of the best teams ever assembled, was the best shooting guard in '71, second best shooting guard in '70 and '72, and third best shooting guard in '73 and '74. maravich constantly played on losing teams, which is what it basically came down to. maravich was third in line for the shooting guard slot though. gervin: only 3 years

it was actually 5 aba and 3 nba, aba doesn't count because it isn't nba and you can't compare what people do in the nba to what they do in the aba. him playing only 3 years in the nba automatically disqualifies him, excepting extreme circumstances

again; only 3 years in the nba

I think ABA stats should definitely count. Two leagues merged and while NBA kept it's name, it wasn't the same league anymore. It was a merged league. And in head-to-head comparison, the teams that originated from ABA did better than the original NBA teams in the first year after the merge and therefore saying that ABA was weaker is just believing the NBA probaganda. Until relatively recently, NBA hated the fact that ABA used to exist so much that they refused to even print ABA hiostory stats on any publications.
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