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Originally Posted by Richie2k6

If you haven't played 2k, you don't know what you're missing. Here:

1. Take your NBA Live 2006 disc, spit on it. Then get a pen and scratch all over the side with the data on it.
2. Break the CD in half.
3. Throw it out the window.
4. Take the game case.
5. Load it with dog ****.
6. Set it on fire.
7. Throw that out your window as well.
8. Go to EBGames.
9. Buy NBA 2k7, or wait a few months for NBA 2k8.
10. Have fun playing an actual video game. Live doesn't deserve the title "video game".

By the way, NBA Live 2005 was easily the best one of them all. The rest suck.

Or you could save all that energy, just go to EB Games/GameStop, trade in Live for credit towards NBA2K. At least it will serve some purpose.

I've played Live up until '06, then I went and got NBA2K7. It was good and slightly more realistic, but I liked College Hoops 2K7 much better, it just seemed like a deeper and more competitive game to me. Played it all spring and early, then got back into my Dynasty Warriors 5/Samurai Warrior 2 games(got all DW5 and SW2 games). I'll probably get NBA Live 08(I'm a Wiz fan, can't help it) and College Hoops 2K8 when they come out.
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