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Default Re: Pros on team USA

Originally Posted by Mathius
Ok, but you disappeared, right BEFORE the Cavs started playing in the Finals. I hate to deal with all that hate on my own, you bastard. Do you know how much crap I put up with the first week after the Spurs humiliated us? Everyone else just disappeared.

Welcome back.

LOL! That is true. I went down to the Bonnaroo Music Festival when the Spurs were up 2-0. I made a thread congratulating the Spurs on the Finals victory, because I knew it was over. I had no access to the internet for the last two games and I've been really busy with work since then.

As far as I am concerned, the Pistons series was the last one for the Cavs. I like to pretend like the Finals didn't happen, since I didn't see the final two games.

Anyway... I'm back. Haaters beware.
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