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Default Re: Pros on team USA

Originally Posted by Da KO King
Sorry but basketball is basketball. Your enjoyment shouldn't come from the players involved.

I'd rather see college kids cause these games mean more to them.

Prefer for another humiliating loses againts the hands of the Older, Wiser and much bigger European Teams. They already learn their lesson in the 2002 FIBA World Championship by sending 2nd tiers superstar, who do not have a feel for international game

The Pride of the USA is at stake that is why they are sending the best team possible for the competition because they know that losing this one will definitely hurt their reputation.

We all know that the Americans are the no.1 country in basketball base on the FIBA Rankings. If they lose the last 2 international tournament by sending some Collegiate Players that are no better than those scrubs in the NBA.

You can probably do the facking math and the USA will probably drop in the top 10 ranking in less than a year.

This will probably tarnished the image of Team USA as the basketball capital of the world by sending Collegiate Players, Who are just not very aware to play againts the higher level of international competition.

The reason that they are sending the best team is to bring back the Glory of Winning the Gold Medal once again for the first time since the 2000 Olympics.

Anyway here is the Value of getting a medal in an international tournament

Gold Medal 50 Points
Silver Medal 30 Points
Bronze Medal- 15 Points
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