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the ran into the mavericks
one reason... Mavs ARE better tahn Spurs...

Its the decline of the Spurs.

Duncan is loosing his health.
Manu has taken a beating.
Tony is not a superstar.
Old role players.

This team will be back for one or two more yrs.

IMO Manu is goin to be a Grant Hill/Eddie Jones cotract in a few yrs.
yes... i think it's the main reason... Parker is a one-hit-wonder... next season he's back to normal... Manu IS the next Eddie Jones/Grant Hill... i see Duncan as the next defensive Chris Webber as well... in a couple of years... bye bye spurs...

Yeah, Tim sure looked to be in poor health in whoring the Mavs for 30-10 a game.
That's what i call sympathy... Duncan seems to be gone all season... they needed something from him to show the fans... Mavs just gave them it... Mavs should have won in Game 5 or 6... think they gave Spurs a chance... Sports Entertainment is like this... all the things you don't know are happening... Money makes the world go round...
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